Our Company was organized from several years successfully by team contains of ace professionals, each with years of group action experience, created business info and flat skills.

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  • Giving best corporate training

    Training schedules are developed to meet the needs of the corporate client, aiming to minimise impact to their operation and production goals. But customization is more than just in scheduling and location.

  • More than 150 Placement in IT sector

    I-DOLPHIN has more than 10years experience in Staffing and Placement in various software technologies through out USA and europian union like UK, Denmark, Netherlands,Romania.etc

  • I-DOLPHIN's Comprehensive Learning Solutions

    Whatever your elearning challenges, I-Dolphin has online learning solutions that deliver the training you need: formally or informally, in multiple sensory modalities, culturally specific yet globally relevant, and in traditional or mobile learning formats to accommodate your employees' need for online training that matches their individual learning styles.

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I-DOLPHIN is one all told the leading IT coaching and staffing institutions, in USA with the target of providing a training services for diverse requirements in IT business.